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hint [n][en]
1)an indication of potential opportunity; "he got a tip on the stock market"; "a good lead for a job"
    Synonyms :confidential_information lead steer tip wind informações_confidenciais vento dica conduzir boi 引导 ветер información_confidencial конфиденциальная_информация 机密资料 sugerencia намек viento 领导 punta подсказка 小费 spitze astuce informazioni_riservate les_informations_confidentielles vertraulicher_informationen 기밀_정보 機密情報  ヒント 率いる 導く  suggerimento condurre führen steuern mener piloter 힌트 조종 바람 
    See Also: counsel  guide  tip 
2)a slight indication
    Synonyms :clue pista dica ключ sugerencia намек indizio hinweis 단서 手掛かり ヒント suggerimento 힌트 
    See Also: indicant 
3)an indirect suggestion; "not a breath of scandal ever touched her"
    Synonyms :breath intimation respiração dica intimação aliento Дыхание 呼吸 sugerencia insinuación намек 暗示 atem  ヒント あんじ suggerimento intimazione andeutung 힌트 통고 
    See Also: proffer  intimate 
4)a just detectable amount; "he speaks French with a trace of an accent"
    Synonyms :suggestion trace sugestão dica sugerencia след намек traza Предложение ヒント 提案 トレース suggerimento vorschlag 힌트 제안 추적 
    See Also: small_indefinite_amount  trace  spark 
5)a slight but appreciable addition; "this dish could use a touch of garlic"
    Synonyms :jot mite pinch soupcon speck tinge touch dica beliscar  sugerencia 斑点 jota намек йота pizca 焦德 mota tinte чуточка пятнышко оттенок 色彩 触摸 sfumatura ヒント あんじ 書き留める ピンチ 染み かって タッチ suggerimento acaro pizzico soupçon anflug acarien pincée teinte 힌트 적으 뭘할지 꼬집어 물들이다 터치 
    See Also: small_indefinite_amount  snuff 
hint [v][en]
1)drop a hint; intimate by a hint
    Synonyms :suggest dica sugerir 暗示 sugerencia намек sugieren предложить hinweis ヒント お勧め suggerimento suggeriscono suggèrent 힌트 제안 
    See Also: convey  proffer  proposer  confidential_information  clue  breath  adumbrate  clue_in  advert 

From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing: (http://www.foldoc.org/, Editor Denis Howe)

Hierarchical Information NeTs.

A language for the CDC 3600.

["HINT: A Graph Processing Language", R.D. Hart, Michigan State U, Apr 1970].


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